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Army Emergency Relief (AER) may provide emergency financial assistance for the following conditions, subject to approval:
Initial Rental Deposit Emergency Repair of Essential POV Emergency, Critical Medical/Dental Exp
Prevent Eviction Theft or Loss of Funds Funeral Expenses
Prevent Utilities Cutoff Non-Receipt of Pay Critical Emergency Travel
Food to Prevent Privation Emergency Shelter Fire or Disaster
Financial aid is usually in the form of an interest-free loan. Under extreme circumstances, assistance may be given as a grant.

Army Emergency Relief

Army Emergency Relief (AER) operates under the provisions of AR 930-4 and local Standard Operating Procedures. Applications will be accepted from Soldiers, active duty, retired and their family members (Must have Power of Attorney (POA) who are experiencing an emergency financial need. All requests must be made by completing AER Form 600/700, request for AER Financial Assistance.


Provides undergraduate-level education SCHOLARSHIPS based primarily on financial need, to children & spouses of soldiers (active & retired). For more information on how to apply for this scholarship, go to http://www.aerhq.org/dnn563/EducationalAssistance.aspx

AER Assistance will be given as:

  • An interest-free loan
  • A grant (an outright gift of funds) if repayment of loan will cause undue hardship
  • Part loan and part grant
  • **Grant determination made by AER Staff based on application assessment**

Commanders' Referral Program Request for Assistance AER Form 600

The Commanders' Referral Program is designed to provide a quick and simple procedure for processing emergency assistance request. This gives a Soldier an option other than pay-day loans. Company/Battery Commanders/First Sergeants are authorized to approve under this category of assistance up to $1,500.00. Once the Commander/First Sergeant approves Soldier will bring the application directly to the Army Emergency Relief (AER) Office.

Effective 1 October 2013, applications from Noncommissioned Officer in the rank of Sergeant First Class (E-7) and Chief Warrant Officer (W-3), Captain (O-3) above are not required to submit an application through their immediate Commander or First Sergeant. Application from Sergeant First Class and above should be submitted directly to AER office, Building 86, Fort Stewart, GA., with appropriate supporting documentation for assistance.

Standard Request for assistance AER Form 700

Company Commander/First Sergeants signature is require for process and helps with:

  • Food and Utilities
  • Vehicle Repairs
  • Vehicle Replacement (up to $4000.00)
  • Emergency Travel Expenses
  • Medical/Dental Expenses
  • Repair HVAC ( up to $4000.00)
  • Purchase or repair of Stove or Refrigerator
  • Furniture (Essential and economical. (up to $4000.00)
  • Child car Seat/ Cranial Helmets)
  • Personal needs when pay is delay or stolen
  • Funeral expenses

To apply for AER assistance, applicants must provide the followings:

  • Military ID card
  • Recent end of month Leave and Earning Statement
  • Proof of other household income
  • Substantiating documents: (Emergency Leave Form DA 31, military orders, car repair estimate, utility bill, etc.)
  • Power of Attorney (required for spouses)

If the Unit Commander is unavailable for signature, the acting Commander can sign however, a copy of his/her Assumption of Command Order must be attached to the AER application.

If a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy has been filed and has not been discharged, you must obtain an approval letter from your Trustee Office or AER officer can request approval from the trustee.

Last modified on: 11/18/2013 1:14:43 PM