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The following numbers are available to monitor changes for scheduled
“Welcome Home Ceremonies” at Fort Stewart and Hunter Army Airfield.
Toll Free: (877) 305-2293 Local: (912) 767-0227 / 8905 / 0235

Training and Deployment Cycle Support Brochure

FRG Training

Deployment Readiness Video

Deployment Readiness Video

Mobilization and Deployment Readiness

  • Family Readiness Center
  • 191 Lindquist Road
  • Building 87
  • FORT STEWART, GA 31314
  • Phone: (912) 767-1297
  • FAX: (912) 767-3195
  • DSN Prefix = 870
  • TOLL FREE 1-877-433-6114
  • MONDAY – FRIDAY 7:30am – 4:30pm
Weekends & Holidays, Closed. In Case of Emergency, call (912) 767-8666 ACS Deployment Readiness programs are designed to provide support to Soldiers and Families during all phases of the deployment cycle. A member of the Family and Soldier Readiness System, the Deployment Readiness Program addresses the state of preparedness of the Army Family through proactive education and support programs that promote resiliency and enhance well being.



Soldier's and Family Member's Handbook (PDF)
Rear Detachment Commander's Handbook (PDF)
Single Soldier's Pre-Deployment Checklist (PDF)

Whether you're a single soldier without dependents, or a soldier with a spouse and/or dependents, your personal readiness posture is as important as your military mission readiness. Although extended deployments are never easy on a Soldier or Family, hardships can be decreased by planning ahead. A carefully prepared and executed pre-deployment checklist will help you and your Family be prepared. Contact ACS or your FRG Leader to assist you with preparations when your Soldier is deploying. By planning ahead, you can be sure your personal matters will be taken care of during your absence. Training and support programs for Soldiers and Families include:


The Family Assistance Center is activated during a major deployment, serving as the resource center for emergency help to Families while their Soldier is away.

Emergency needs are those that are urgent and require immediate attention, as distinguished form those that are desirable, but do not require immediate action. Some services which will be available to assist in emergency situations when families have no one else to help them include: childcare, local transportation, food, financial assistance, crisis counseling, information and referral.

These agencies work together to provide Family assistance:

  • ACS (includes Army Emergency Relief financial assistance)
  • American Red Cross
  • Child Development Service (CDS)
  • Family Law Center
  • Chaplains
  • Housing
  • Transportation
  • Provost Marshal
  • Mental Health at MEDDAC
  • ACofS, G1/AG.
  • • The center will be open regularly-scheduled hours. If the need is determined, the FRC will be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. As needs change, so will the operating hours. For assistance after-hours, contact the Installation Operation Center (IOC) to locate unit specific Staff Duty Officer (SDO) numbers at (912) 767-8666.

Find your Family Readiness Group (FRG)

Family Readiness Groups provide mutual support for a unit’s Family Members. Each FRG is affiliated with a specific military unit, Army Reserve National Guard (ARNG) Armory, or United States Army Reserve (USAR) Center. The FRG forms the third component of the Army’s Family Support System during deployment. FRGs operate during periods of normal operations, as well as during deployments cycles, working in close coordination with affiliated units and with ACS or the Reserve Component Family Program Coordinator’s Office. The FRG also serves as an important source of inspiration, training, and support to empower Army Families to increase and enhance their self-reliance.

Army Community Service (ACS) Childcare Request Form
(Child, Youth & School Services (CYSS) Extended Hours for official FRG Meetings ONLY)


Provides a link between the Family Readiness Group and the deployed unit helps spouses find assistance and solutions to problems distributes information to Family Members as soon as it becomes available and ensures that FRG Leader names and addresses are accessible at all times.

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