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DPW > Environmental > Fish & Wildlife > Hunting > Permits and Regulations

Permits and Regulations


Fort Stewart has been open to public hunting and fishing since 1959 and provides some of the finest recreation in southeast Georgia! Fort Stewart is the second largest single public hunting and fishing entity in the state...only second to the Chattahoochee National Forest.

All hunters on the installation must possess a Hunter Safety Course certificate, a valid Georgia hunting license, and the appropriate Fort Stewart hunting permit.

Hunter safety Course

Permit types and fees

Application forms and Installation regulations

Automated Pass and Permit check-in System

Dove Field Access Codes

Pass and Permit Directions

Hunters Safety Course

The 2010 Hunter Safety Course dates are 4 September, 9 October, 13 November, 11 December. All classes will be held at Holbrook Pond Recreation at 9:30 AM. For more information, call the Pass & Permit Office at (912) 435-8061.

The Army desires to offer the safest possible outdoor experience for those sportsmen and women that hunt on installation lands. Consequently, a recent Army regulation requires that ALL hunters, regardless of age and experience, complete an NRA certified hunter safety course before hunting on any installation.

The Outdoor Recreation Office and the Conservation Law Enforcement Section work together every year to provide numerous hunter safety classes, in addition to those offered by Georgia Department of Natural Resources, well in advance of hunting seasons to help hunters comply with this new policy. Call 435-8061 for class information. Remember you MUST register for a hunter education class through the state office, not Pass and Permit.

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Permit types and Fees

Annual and daily permits are available. The Annual hunting permit is good for one year from the date of purchase. 

DAILY:  $15.00/DAY for hunting, DAILY:  $5/DAY for fishing, HONORARY:  NO FEE

(Disabled (state of Georgia) or persons over 65 years old)

NOTE: All single children of a permit holder who have not attained the age of 18 or are students who have not attained the age of 24 will be allowed to hunt under their sponsor's permit.


Application forms and Installation regulations

Fort Stewart/HAAF Hunting and Fishing Permit Application Form

FS Reg 420-4 Hunting, Fishing, and Recreational use rules for Fort Stewart/HAAF

2010-2011 Hunting Season dates and bag limits

Fort Stewart Hunting dog Retrieval Policy

Schedule for Fort Stewart Check Stations

Horseback Riding Trail Maps and Procedures Courtesy of the Directorate of Morale, Welfare, and Recreation (DMWR)


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Automated Pass and Permit check-in System

Because military training is Fort Stewart's top priority, recreational access into all areas of the installation must be controlled to ensure unimpeded training and the safety of sportsmen. Consequently, ALL sportsmen who have purchased a permit must check in with the Pass & Permit Office before recreating on Ft. Stewart/HAAF. 

Fort Stewart/HAAF utilizes an automated access system whereby sportsmen who have a valid permit may use a touch tone phone to verify that the training area, pond, or river landing they wish to use is open. Then through a menu of recorded message options, one can quickly and easily check-in from the convenience of their home or cellular phone.

The Fort Stewart Pass & Permit Office (phone:  (912) 435-8061/8033, fax:  (912) 435-8177)  is located off of GA HWY 144 in front of the gun and archery ranges.  After purchasing a permit from this office, please remember to get an instruction package. This package will guide you through the automated check in process.  Once you've purchased your permit, you may call one of the numbers below to check in. Anglers are not required to check-out.Currently the hours of operation for Pass & Permit are as follows:

  • Monday - Friday: 11:00 AM - 6:00 PM
  • Holidays, Saturday & Sunday (& Training Holidays): 7:00 AM - 3:00 PM

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Fishing and Hunting Check-in Lines:

  • 767-0202 (Primary Line)

Alternate numbers:

767-6121 767-0465 767-4202 767-6130 767-0264
767-9678 767-1205 767-6274 767-5938 767-5934
767-2036 767-1463 767-0203 767-7664 767-3297


When checking into an area, you will enter the numeric code for the area followed by the area number. See the table below.

A1=0101 B1=0201 C1=0301 D1=0401 E1=0501 F1=0601 H1=0701
A2=0102 B2=0202 C2=0302 D2=0402 E2=0502 F2=0602 H2=0702
A3=0103 B3=0203 C3=0303 D3=0403 E3=0503 F3=0603 H3=0703
A4=0104   C4=0304 D4=0404 E4=0504 F4=0604 H4=0704
A5=0105 B5=0205 C5=0305 D5=0405 E5=0505 F5=0605 H5=0705
A6=0106 B6=0206 C6=0306 D6=0406 E6=0506 F6=0606 H6=0706
A7=0107 B7=0207 C7=0307 D7=0407 E7=0507 F7=0607 H7=0707
A8=0108 B8=0208 C8=0308 D8=0408 E8=0508 F8=0608 H8=0708
A9=0109   C9=0309 D9=0409 E9=0509 F9=0609 H9=0709
A10=0110   C10=0310 D10=0410 E10=0510 F10=0610 H10=0710
A11=0111   C11=0311 D11=0411 E11=0511 F11=0611 H11=0711
A12=0112   C12=0312 D12=0412 E12=0512 F12=0612 H12=0712
A13=0113 B13=0213 C13=0313 D13=0413 E13=0513 F13=0613  
A14=0114 B14=0214 C14=0314 D14=0414 E14=0514 F14=0614  
A15=0115 B15=0215 C15=0315 D15=0415 E15=0515 F15=0615  
A16=0116 B16=0216 C16=0316 D16=0416 E16=0516 F16=0616  
A17=0117 B17=0217 C17=0317   E17=0517 F17=0617  
A18=0118    C18=0318   E18=0518 F18=0618  
A19=0119 B19=0219     E19=0519 F19=0619  
A20=0120       E20=0520    
  B21=0221     E21=0521    
  B22=0222     E22=0522    


Dove Field Access Codes

  • In order to legally hunt in the dove fields, hunters must check into the dove field with the codes listed below.
  • For the 2010-2011 dove season, the listed fields will be open on Saturdays, Sundays, Wednesdays, and holidays (provided that the training area where the dove field is located is open for hunting)
Field Code Number of Hunters
FIRING POINT 1 (B2) 1011 23
FIRING POINT 24 (B8) 1012 12
FIRING POINT 35 (E4) 1002 23
FIRING POINT 256 (F3) 1005 50
679378 (C18) 1010 8
232501 (F10) 1013 6


An "Area Status Sheet" will be generated every day that lists those ponds, landings and areas that are open to sportsman use. This "Area Status Sheet" can be faxed to your location or emailed to you daily. Please contact the Pass & Permit Office to obtain this service.

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Directions to Pass and Permit

The cantonment area of Fort Stewart will be gated and entry will be permitted only with an approved vehicle decal or a visitor's Day Pass issued by the Provost Marshall's Office. Access for hunting and fishing in the A, B, C, D, E, and F areas will not be affected, as all areas will be accessible without having to enter the cantonment area. For anglers fishing Pond 10 or hunters accessing A-20 or A-19 from the cantonment area, a visitor's Day Pass must be obtained before entry. Sportsmen and women coming from the Hinesville area who desire to travel to the Pass & Permit Office must do so via Hwy 47, through Flemington. 

Department Of Public Works Enviromental


Prevention & Compliance
(912) 767-2010

Fish & Wildlife
(912) 767-2584

(912) 435-8030



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