Above Left: Joe Hale caught this 8.8lbs, 24.5 inch bass from Pond 22 on 30 January 2011.

Above Right: Richard Buck displays this nice bass caught using a Jig and Pig in Pond 3 on 19 January 2011.


Above Left: Robert Keel caught this 8lb 10oz bass from Pond 1 on 14 August 2010

Above Right: Joseph Barros caught this 9.11lb bass 27in length and 17in girth on a greenie weenie worm on 19 August 2010



Above Left: CPT Ben O'Neal caught this 9lbs 14oz, 26.5in bass from Pond 1 on 26 June 2010 with a buzz bait

Above Center: SFC (Ret) E. Barton Jr. caught this 5.5lbs, 21in bass from P26 on 11 May 2010 with a plastic worm

Above Right: Chris Douglas caught this bass from Pond 26 on 27 April 2010


 Above Left: Jamie Davis caught this 25in bass from Pond 1 on 3 July 2010 with a 4in coffee bait

Above Right: Tony Grantham caught this nice 8lbs 14oz bass from Pond 26 on 27 June 2010


Above Left: Doug Firely caught this 6lbs bass from Pond 1 on 2 June 2010 with a Hula Popper

Above Right: Doug Firely holds this 3lbs bass from Pond 26



Above Left: Bruce Riner holds his 23 inch, 6lbs 8oz bass he caught from Pond 34 on a top water plug, 13 May 2010

Above Right: Douglas Blanchard caught this 20.5 inch, 4lbs 6oz bass from Pond 34 with a top water plug on 13 May 2010


Above Left: Buck Davis caught this nice bass that weighed 11.75lbs and was 25.25 inches long April 2010.

Above Right: Robert Keel caught a nice 8lbs 3 oz bass from Pineview Lake, 21 April 2010.



Above Left: Richard Kunda caught this 9lbs bass from Pond 1 with a trick worm during March 2010.

Above Center: Stephanie Coleman recently caught this 8lbs bass from Pond 26 on a plastic worm.

Above Right: Doug Blanchard caught this 9lbs 4 oz, 25inch bass from Pond 17 with a crank bait on 1 May 2010


Above: What a great fishing trip Chuck Drawdy and Paul Cole had at P26 on 6 March 2010.  They caught and released 40 fish that day, 10 over 5lbs and 2 over 8lbs!!  Here are some pictures from that day. 


Above Left: Hunter Mabry caught this nice 9lbs bass from Pond 1 with a lizard on 14 March 2010

Above Right: SFC Jon Mabry shows off his 8lbs 5 oz bass from Pond 26 caught on a lipless crankbait 27 March 2010

Above Left: SGT William Hansen, from the 632nd Maintenance Company, caught this 7lbs 4 oz bass from Pond 32 using a fly rod on 28 March 2010

Above Center: Stephen McClure shows off this 8lbs 12 oz bass caught from Pond 26 on 28 March 2010

Above Right: Gerald Baxley caught this nice 11 lbs bass from Pond 26 on 22 March 2010


Above: Josh Burke caught this 12lbs, 25 inch bass from P26 on 20 March 2010

Above Right: SFC Roger Neal caught this 5lbs 1oz bass from Pond 1 on 13 March 2010


Above Left: PO1 Adam Morehouse caught this 5lbs 4oz bass from Pond 26 on 18 March 2010

Above Right: Richard Buck shows off his 4.2lbs bass from Pond 3


Above Left: Michael Obst caught this bass in Pond 24 using a 6 weight fly rod

Above Right: SGT Joe Combs with a nice bass from Pond 34 on 4 Oct 2009


Above: Julyssa Martinez, Adrian Martinez, and SFC Martinez each caught bass on shiners at Pond 26, 6 July 2009



Above Left: SFC Martinez, Pond 26, 11 July 2009

Above Right: SSG Larson and SFC Martinez, Pond 33


Above Left: SSG Larson, Pond 1, caught on a Black Trick Worm

Above Right: SSG Larson, Pond 10, caught on a Pink Trick Worm



Above Left: SPC Beth Elting, Pond 26, caught on a shiner and bobber, 6 July 2009

Above Right: SSG Jacob Larson, Pond 26, caught on a shiner and bobber, 6 July 2009


Above Left: SSG Guile with a 24 in., 7 lbs. 7 oz. LMB, 30 May 2009, caught on a plastic frog

Above Right: SSG Guile with a smaller LMB, 30 May 2009


Above Left: Edith Mobley

Above Right: Linda Woods with a 5.5 lbs LMB, Pond 30, Spring 2008


Above: Douglas Blanchard with 22 in, 5 lbs LMB, P34, 20 April 2009, caught on 8in purple gulp worm


Above Left:  CPT Christopher Flores, 12.4 lb, Pond 23, caught spring 2007.

Above Right:  K Young with a 9.9 lbs LMB, Pond 1, March 2005


Above Left: James L. Wise with a 8.19 lbs LMB, Pond 30, 2 March 2005

Above Right: 7 lbs 3 oz, 24 inch, Pond 24, Jan 2002             



Above Left: 10 lbs, Pond 30, 2003

Above Right: SSG Heyward with a 10 lbs LMB, Pond 30, 3 June 2004



Above Left: Over 10 lbs, Pond 30, 2004

Above Right: 5 lbs, Pond 3, 5 Feb 2004



Above Left: SFC David Wardlow with a 15 lbs LMB, Pond 33, Jan 2005

Above Right: Dontrell Fields with his first fish!!  2 lbs, Pond 19


date of last update: 02/02/2011