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Fort Stewart Family Readiness Support Assistant Program

Program Background

  • Program implemented April 2004 as contracted positions
  • April 2006 – VCSA determined that the program is a mission support element and  belongs to the Army Commands
  • Per CG guidance, HRD implemented a temporary over hire program through FY08 – placing the employees in the GS system, funded and supported by HQ FORSCOM
  • FY08 FRSA Program consists of the following:

    • 16 Full time GS-07s – Corps/Division level
    • 458 Full time GS-05s – Brigade/Battalion level
    • DA FRSA Program
    • Implement to Battalion level across all ACOMs
    • Permanent positions on AUG TDA
    • GS6/YB1 – Battalion through Corps
    • Positions belong to the Commander (MSE provides admin support)
    • Expected implementation FY10
    • Hiring Process
    • Senior Commander sets hiring action procedures
    • FRG Advisors and Leaders are NOT part of the hiring process

Program Overview

  • Commander sets the vision for the unit FRSA
  • FRSA and volunteer FRG Leader work as a team to implement that vision
  • FRSA is a unit level staff asset, who provides the Commander / Rear Detachment Commander / and volunteer  FRG Leader administrative support regarding unit Family Readiness
  • FRSAs do not duplicate services currently provided on the installation
  • FRSA serves as the critical link between the Command Team and local community services
  • Specific duties/prohibited activities of the FRSA are further defined in the FORSCOM Policy Letter, CG-2009-4
  • FRSA is NOT the FRG!
  • Keep FRSA work in line with Regulatory Guidance (The PD outlines the scope of your duties)
  • FRSAs are Civil Service employees and must follow established work rules (overtime, comp-time,   overtime forecasting, leave, etc.)
  • Work FOR the Commander, SUPPORT the volunteer FRG Leader (FRG Leader does not supervise)
  • Positions are administrative ONLY (plan, coordinate integrate…….they do not execute)
  • Commander (or designated rep) provides daily oversight

What's Important

  • Teamwork
  • Command Team – CDR/1SG/CSM, FRG Leader and FRSA
  • FRSA Network
      • No hierarchical structure
      • Informal support system
  • Communication – keep commander/FRG leader informed
    •  Verbal
      • How do you present yourself?
      • How do you represent the command?
    • Non Verbal
      •  Are you approachable?
      •  Is your attitude combative?
    • Timekeeping
    • Rumors
    • Confidentiality

Commander/RDC Role (but not limited to):

  • Responsibility for the FRG
  • Responsibility for setting goals and mission of the FRSA in support of the FRG Leader
  • Allocating FRG meeting support
  • Appoint FRG Leaders and Co-Leaders
  • Ensure FRG Leaders are fully trained and understand unit Family Readiness expectations
  • Provides info and important unit news to FRG leaders
  • Provides authorization letter for FRG volunteers to open and operate the unit bank account and informal funds
  • Ensures all appropriate briefings are conducted throughout the DCS cycle
  • Keeps FRG informed of any serious Family Readiness issues
  • Assists, approves, and publishes the unit FRG newsletter
  • Provides alert/recall roster to FRG
  • Inform FRG Leader of newcomers
  • Supports and approves FRG Fundraiser events
  • Provide military and community Family Readiness info to the FRG and unit Family members
  • Dispels rumors by providing official information to the FRG
  • Recognize FRG volunteers by submitting for awards
  • Plan, coordinate, and support the FRG during deployment and reunion events

FRG Advisor/Leader Role (but not limited to):

  • Serves as the representative of all Family members which make up the FRG
  • Is a registered statutory volunteer with the local ACS
  • Has completed ACS led FRG Leader training
  • Is assigned on appointment orders as the unit FRG Leader
  • Direct liaison to commander on behalf of unit Family members
  • Is a volunteer Family member of the unit
  • Provides advice/recommendations to the Commander/RDC
  • Communicates with Commander/RDC on Family member concerns
  • Refers Family members that request/require assistance
  • Provide advice/recommendations to the Commander/RDC on FRG Training
  • Reviews FRG fund status with treasurer and commander at regular intervals
  • Attend unit briefings through the deployment cycle
  • Keeps Commander/RDC informed of any serious Family readiness issues
  • Prepares and submits information for unit newsletter
  • Assist Commander/RDC with updates/dissemination of unit FRG phone tree
  • Ensures new unit Families are welcomed and introduced to the unit FRG
  • Plans and executes approved FRG fundraiser activities
  • Assists in dissemination of information to unit Families
  • Dispels rumors by providing official information to unit FRG members
  • Advises Commander/RDC on volunteers to be recognized for their contributions
  • Plan and coordinate all deployment/welcome home activities through the Commander/RDC

FRSA Role (but not limited to):

  • Under the direct supervision of the unit commander or designated POC
  • Obtains guidance and goals of the unit Family Readiness Program from the commander
  • Supports the volunteer FRG Leader, as directed, by the commander
  • Assists all members of the Family Readiness Team in their efforts to achieve unit Family Readiness goals
  • Researches concerns for FRG leaders and Family members and provides referrals to appropriate resources
  • Assists with establishment of unit bank account and informal fund (does NOT handle any money for the command)
  • Assists FRG leaders with all administrative aspects of conducting an FRG meeting (space, briefers, childcare, resources, etc)
  • Assists FRG leader in obtaining Family contact information, as required
  • Assists Commander/RDC with directing information on new family members to the appropriate FRG
  • Assists FRG Leader with coordinating, scheduling, and marketing all unit Family readiness events, as needed
  • Assists FRG Leader with production, publication, and dissemination of unit newsletter
  • Gather community and local agency info for the FRG leader to disseminate
  • Assist the FRG Leader with proper formats and submissions for volunteer awards, unit Family readiness activities, and fundraiser approvals

FRSA Program POCs:

Last modified on: 11/18/2013 1:15:54 PM