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What was the unit engaged in the Battle of New Orleans in 1815, and was commanded by Andrew Jackson?


Marne 6 Sends: Farewell from MG John “Mike” Murray

Marne Family, This time of year is always full of change for both our units and our Families. Summer is traditionally filled with fun and barbeques. But, for military Families, every two to three yea... Read More

Stewart 6 Sends: ACS Birthday Message

Team, While I have been your garrison commander for a short time, I am truly impressed with the services Army Community Service provides and the dedication to support our Soldiers, Civilians, retiree... Read More

‘Bloodhounds’ calculate, build confidence in their charges

Creating obstacles for the enemy, clearing routes, and improving fighting positions are all in a day’s work for Army engineers. While the blasts are exciting and the results often spectacular, the ski... Read More