The U.S. military is built upon the foundation of the Commander's "need to know" everything about the safety and well-being of the Service Member and their Family in order to continually assess the Service Members' fitness for duty and any potential impact on "mission readiness." However, the DoD has recently made a critical exception to this “need to know” for domestic-violence victims giving each individual the option of either making a "restricted" or "unrestricted" report.

What are Restricted and Unrestricted Reports for Domestic Violence?

UNRESTRICTED REPORT - This option is for victims wishing law enforcement and the Chain of Command to know of an incident and to have an investigation launched whether formal or informal. It also allows the Military victim advocate to liaison with the Chain of Command on behalf of the victim, assist victims with protective orders, and give limited information to other social agencies that may be involved in the case.

RESTRICTED REPORT - This allows victims of abuse to report to specific individuals the details of the abuse without that person having to report it further. Those individuals are Military victim advocates, the Chaplain, and Medical Personnel. There is an exception to this reporting option, if there is child abuse involved or the victim is in imminent danger, the Military victim advocate must report it. In addition, if a restricted report comes to be known to the Command or a source that is not authorized to offer a restricted report, it will be fully investigated as if it were an unrestricted report.

Regardless of the path the victim chooses, either unrestricted or restricted, all victims are eligible for services that include medical evaluation and counseling, if so desired.

If you know someone who is in immediate danger of domestic violence, call 911, or (912) 767-3032, for the Installation Victim Advocate 24-hour hotline. You may also contact the reporting point of contact number at (912) 767-0025. You will be prompted to press "1" to report domestic violence. The call will be directed to the IVA 24-hour hotline.

If you fear a child is in immediate danger call 911 or the reporting POC at (912) 767-0025. You will be prompted to press "2" to report child abuse/neglect. The call will be directed to the Military Police Desk.