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The Army knows that employment is one of the most significant issues for Army Families. The goal of the Employment Readiness Program is to assist Family Members with the challenges associated with the job-search process, particularly as they are impacted by the mobile military lifestyle. We can help you get an edge in a competitive job market.



Who's eligible to use the program?

Active Duty Members, Spouses and other Family Members (to include youth), Surviving Spouses, Retirees, and DA civilian employees are eligible to participate free of charge.


Professional Career Development Services include:

  • Career Coaching

  • Job-Search Assistance

  • Job Information – (local job listings)

  • Resource Library




Assistance includes:

  • Practice Interviews

  • Job-Search strategies

  • Employer referrals

  • Hiring event preparation

  • Resume review and critique


Virtual Career Library


Instructions for using the Virtual Career Library

Find resources & job listing sites for:

  • Federal, State, & City

  • Contracting and Temp Agencies

  • Local Employers