New Parent Support Program (NPSP)

The New Parent Support Program helps Military Families in many of the ways friends and Families.

We are professional social workers and nurses providing supportive and caring services to Military Families with children from birth to three years of age. This includes single and teenage parents.

Through home visits, support groups, and parenting classes, the NPSP can help you learn to cope with stress, isolation, post-deployment reunions, and the everyday demands of parenthood.

Trained, supervised home visitors have extensive knowledge of the issues parents face, and they are also sensitive to the unique challenges facing military Families.

Who is eligible for this program?
All military Families, including single parents and teenage parents, expecting a child or with children from birth to three years of age are eligible to participate free of charge in all of the services offered.

Why Get Involved in the New Parent Support Program?

  • To become more confident as a parent
  • To understand the stages of your child’s development
  • To develop a support system
  • To reduce stress
  • To improve communication between you and your spouse
  • To learn why kids do what they do
  • To develop common ground with your spouse in the area of parenting
  • To improve your relationship with your children
  • To develop new friendships
  • To make parenting fun
  • To be a better parent to your children
  • To feel more at home in the military community

What if we’re not new parents?
Even if you’ve been raising your Family for a few years, new ages and stages bring different challenges. The New Parent Support Program offers you the opportunity to express your concerns and ask questions about babies, infants, and young children.

What if this isn’t our first baby?
Often adding a brother or sister to the Family presents a real change in the Family. Demands on your time are different with more than one child in your house.

The program helps develop support networks and answers questions while your Family experiences these changes. Sometimes even the marital relationship is stressed. We can help you to address some of these issues and open the line of communication.

We offer a variety of free parenting classes and workshops to help parents.
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Infant Massage Classes (Appointment Only):
Classes provide parents with an understanding of the infant’s world along with basic skills necessary to care for the infant.

Parenting Classes:
Classes provide "hands on" information for parents to make informed, responsible decisions about their toddlers and young children.

Play Morning:
Play Morning is an interactive playgroup designed to teach parents developmentally-appropriate play and to help children improve their social, cognitive and motor skills.

Assistance with information and referrals can be provided to help you find the appropriate military and community services to meet your Family’s needs.

Home Visits:
This is a chance to form a warm, caring bond with a professional who can talk about your concerns as a parent or parent-to-be in the privacy of your home.

Home visits are arranged, when possible, at your convenience. Families can schedule visits so both parents can be present or acquiring new skills in caring for a growing Family.

Services are provided in conjunction with the Family Advocacy Program. NPSP offers specialized support for single Soldiers and teenagers who are expecting or with children from birth to three.

How to enroll?
Call or visit your local ACS and ask for a New Parent Supportive professional.