What is C2RE?
C2RE is College and Career Readiness Enhancement, which formerly known as FAST. C2RE is a group of programs listed below supporting career and personal goals. C2RE supports NCOES and the Army’s goal to retain quality personnel. Once a particular need or goal is identified and documented, a Soldier enrolls in and completes a course of academic instruction to improve reading, mathematics, writing, science, and/or computer skills. Army-prescribed and distributed commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) basic skills software is used to deliver FAST programs at Army Education Centers and Army Learning Centers. The Soldier’s objective for taking FAST determines which of the following programs the Soldier enrolls in and also the number of hours spent in the course.
Basic Skills Education Program (BSEP). Soldiers who score less than 10.2 (grade-level equivalent) on any of the Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE) subtests and/or have a GT score of less than 110 are eligible for enrollment in the BSEP component of the C2RE program.

General Education Development (GED) Test Preparation. Soldiers eligible for GED preparation include any Soldier without a high school diploma. GED test preparation is also available to Soldiers during off-duty hours.

Reading Skill Development.

Preparation for College.

BSEP/GT Improvement Class Schedule:

  • 03 OCT - 03 NOV 16
  • 09 JAN - 09 FEB 17
  • 27 FEB - 30 MAR 17
  • 10 APR - 11 MAY 17
  • 15 MAY - 15 JUN 17
  • 10 JUL - 10 AUG 17
  • 21 AUG - 21 SEP 17



The first day of class, students will report to RM 230 (Learning Center) to check in and take the Pre-TABE (Stewart) or RM 22 (HAAF).

(STEWART ONLY) Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, students will be assigned to a Liberty County Adult Education Program (LCAEP) classroom. On Thursday, students will be in RM 230 (Learning Center) at a computer working on Peterson’s OASC (online Basic Skills tool). There will be NO CLASSES on Friday. In most instances, the last Monday of the class will be a Post-TABE; one for the morning class and one for the afternoon class. The AFCT will be administered on the last Thursday of the class beginning at 0900 for the morning class and 1300 for the afternoon classes for all Soldiers who received the approval to take the test on a completed and signed 4187.

During the first week of the course, students will create a profile in Peterson’s OASC (the online course tool), and be shown the web page where they can process their 4187 to email to their Commander. On the day of the AFCT, Soldiers MUST BE in duty uniform AND have their military ID card. Failure to fulfill either of those requirements will result in ejection from the testing room.

The courses listed at Ft. Stewart on this schedule are for Soldiers only. Civilians interested in C2RE will need to sign up for Peterson’s OASC or the LCAEP separately.

GED Registration (must attend BOTH days):

For current registration information regarding GED study, please contact the Liberty County Adult Education Program; ppangburn@savannahtech.edu, Tel: 912-368-7322.

When is English as a Second Language (ESL)?

Classes are available at the Ft. Stewart Education Center from 0800-1200 Monday through Thursday in room 227, Bldg 100 - please call 912-368-7322 for more information.