Fort Stewart Hours:
Monday -Thursday  08:15am - 4:45pm
Friday -  07:45am - 4:15pm

HAAF Hours:
Monday -Friday  07:30am – 4:15pm

The Multi-use Learning Facility (MLF)/Army Learning Center (ALC) is a high-tech, multimedia, and computer resource facility providing an integrated network of training and educational resources to support the Army Continuing Education System, the Army Training System, and Civilian Personnel Training and Development. The MLF/ALC provides Commanders the training and educational support resources necessary to help meet mission-related training and educational advancement. It provides a platform for instruction, information, or advice and maintains electronic publications to support training in assigned MOSs. In addition, a wide variety of study programs are available to include basic and advanced academic skills, AFCT (GT) improvement, college level examination programs review, preparation for college entrance exams, effective study skills programs, and others. The goal is to provide a "One-Stop Training Support Facility" for Commanders and their Soldiers. In addition, a Facilitator/Computer Monitor works directly with clients in identifying and accessing appropriate training materials or coordinating the facility for specific training needs.

The Army plan takes training to the Soldier. Technology is being used to maintain an edge in projecting, protecting, sustaining and employing combat readiness. The Army Training Digital Library (ATDL) provides access to digitized publications (FMs, ARs, TMs, etc.) and Training Support Packages. Army modernization training consists of a wide variety of initiatives such as Train the Trainer, Internet, CD-ROM, internet-based video training, and interactive software. As equipment and training programs are identified and developed, the MLF/ALC can be used to facilitate and deliver training support.

Computers available for individuals who wish to:

  • Pursue Distance Learning Programs
  • Type term papers
  • Perform official work when unit/office computers are not available
  • Brush up on typing skills
  • Produce slide shows for briefings/classes
  • Prepare computer class assignments
  • Setup/access free email account
  • Access the Internet for research
  • Study from our CD/DVD library (i.e. mathematics, English, and computer programs)