Welcome to Fort Stewart & Hunter Army Airfield! We know you have questions, and we have answers.


To begin...

It will take you 7 days to in-process and you MUST be in uniform (ACU/OCP, boots, PC).

PT is every morning from 0630-0730 while in-processing and you need to be in PT uniform (you will be given a PT belt).


What do I need to bring with me to report?

The original copy of your signed DA-31

4 copies of the orders that brought you to FS/HAAF.

Military Clothing Record (CIF and Uniformed)

All medical and dental records (and profile if applicable)

Drivers license, insurance card, and vehicle registration


What if I need a ride from the airport?

MRC personnel can pick you up from the airport.

Between 0900 and 2000 daily, you may use the phone at the USO office inside the airport to call the MRC.

Outside of USO hours, use your cell phone to call the MRC Staff Duty desk (912-767-0115). 


When do I have to report?

You must sign in to the MRC no later than 2359 on the day your leave ends as annoted on your DA 31 ~OR~ the report date annoted on the official orders brining you to FS/HAAF (WHICHEVER IS EARLIER).


Do I have to be in uniform to report?

No, you can report in either civilian clothes or uniform.


When and how do I get a barracks room?

Single Soldiers (E1-E5) will be assigned an MRC barracks room upon arrival.

Soldiers receiving BAH will NOT reside in the barracks unless request is approved by the MRC Commander and will only be in cases of severe extenuating circumstances.

Privatized housing is available on post for single and unaccompanied SGTs and above.

You are NOT authorized PTDY for house hunting while in-processing at the MRC. PTDY will be granted at your gaining unit after in-processing.


What ranks get VIP in-processing?

Leaders in the ranks of MSG-CSM, and MAJ-COL will be on the VIP in-processing schedule.


When can sponsors come to the MRC?

Fort Stewart Unit Sponsors:  at 1130 on the Soldier's 2nd day of in-processing in front of the MRC building

HAAF Unit Sponsors: at 1130 on Tuesdays and Fridays behind the MRC building