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Retirement Briefings

Fort Stewart:

Seating is limited! Please call your counselor to schedule a briefing.


Briefings are the last Tuesday of every month at ACS (Bldg 1286) at 12:30 p.m.


If you cannot attend your scheduled briefing, please call your counselor!

You have questions, we've got answers.

How early can I submit my request retire?

Noearlier than 12 months and no later than nine months from the requesteddate. All retirements are on the end ofthe month.

Can I submit a request to retire if I am on assignment instructions?

Yes. If you have 19 years and 6 months at the timeof notification of the assignment instructions, you can submit your request toretire and that request must be approved within 30 days of the officialnotification of your permanent change of station. The retirement date will not be later thansix months from the date of notification, or the first day of the monthfollowing the month in which 20 years of active federal service is completed,whichever is later. All serviceobligations must be fulfilled not later than the approve retirement date.

Do I need to complete a retirement physical before retirement?

Yes. The examination will be accomplished notearlier than four months prior to the anticipated date of commencement of permissivetemporary duty (PTDY) or transitional leave (TL) and not later than one beforethe scheduled date of retirement.

Can I retire if I have transferred my Post 911 GI Bill education benefits to my family?

Yes. Your retirement date will be after you havecompleted the prescribed four-year Service Remaining Requirement (SRR) from thedate of the TEB submission. The SRRstarts on the date the Soldier requests to transfer in the milConnect/TEB webpage and is otherwise eligible (to include meeting the four-year SSR as of thedate of the TEB submission).

Need more help?Contact the Retirement Services Officer at

(912) 767-5013

or the Assistant Retirement Services Officer at

(912) 767-3326

Sample Officer Retirement Packet

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Includes sample memorandums and information

on retirement for officers.

Sample Enlisted Retirement Packet

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Includes worksheets, 4187, memorandums, and more.