The Director of Public Works (DPW) is the engineer advisor to the command, responsible for maintaining and repairing all of the infrastructure and facilities at Fort Stewart and Hunter Army Airfield. The Director of Public Works is charged with ensuring the stability of installation facilities and environmental practices, directorate responsibilities include Engineering Design, Master Planning, Maintenance & Repair, Environmental & Natural Resources (including Fish & Wildlife and Forestry conservation) and Utilities operations.

Public Works Vision:
Safeguarding essential values, we embrace the concept of a future filled with opportunities for bold, innovative engineering achievements. A future in which a professional workforce, through it's expertise and dedication, will resolve present resource challenges to provide a modern, well-maintained and designed, secure environment.

Public Works Values:
We hold as our highest value the premise that serving is a privilege, demanding commitment to providing our most professional, courteous, efficient, and cost-effective service to all.

Public Works Goals:
Our primary goal is to exceed all expectations associated with engineering, housing, and environmental concerns; establishing new parameters of excellence in these fields.

For BBC (Privatized Family Housing) Service Orders, call (FS) 912-408-2466. (H) 912-459-2133. BBC (Privatized Family Housing) Service Orders Only. Phones manned by BBC Balfour Beatty Communities.

For Non-Family Housing Service Orders, dial 767-2883 (Fort Stewart) or 315-4003 or 315-3733 (Hunter AAF). These phones are manned by Tsay/Ferguson-Williams (TFW) personnel at their Work Reception desk. Work appropriate for a Service Order includes minor maintenance and repairs not to exceed forty hours of labor and a total cost of $2000.00.

Service Order Priority Codes
Priority 1: Emergency
Gas leaks, major utilities service failures, broken electrical components that could cause fire or shock, broken water or steam pipes, spills of hazardous or toxic substances, accidental lock-ins of small children, stopped up commodes (when only one is available for use) or when roto-rooter service is required. Normal response time for Priority 1: Emergency is immediately, if possible, or within one hour, depending upon the situation. Once started, work will continue until complete, the emergency is terminated or the priority is downgraded.

Priority 2: Urgent
Heating and warm water supply outage, air conditioning system failure, functional failure of ranges and refrigerators. Response time for Priority 2: Urgent may vary from 2 hours to 72 hours, depending upon availability of craftsman and relative urgency.

Priority 3: Routine
Work not meeting criteria for Priority 1 or Priority 2. This work, if not accomplished, merely constitutes an inconvenience or unsightly condition. Service orders in this category will generally be grouped by geographical area for accomplishment in the most economical manner, on a first-come, first-served basis.

Individual Job Orders (IJO):
All requests for maintenance or repair projects with an estimated cost of $2000.00 or more must be submitted to the Directorate of Public Works on CPW Form 4283-1. Signature cards, DD Form 577, or unit designees authorized to sign IJO must be on file at the DPW. Requests for new work, regardless of cost, must be submitted on CPW Form 4283-1. Requesters must give their Requester ID and the Document Number from CPW Form 4283-1. CPW Form 4283-1 may be submitted in hard copy or using the web version available on the DPW site on the Fort Stewart Intranet.