For On-Post Soldiers and DA Civilians. If your personal property (e.g., food in your refrigerator or freezer, vehicles, furniture, electronics, etc.), located on-post, was damaged as a result of Hurricane Irma, the Center for Personnel Claims Support (CPCS) at Fort Knox may be able to pay for losses not covered by insurance. If you have insurance, you must file with your insurance first.


Visit WWW.JAGCNET.ARMY.MIL for more information.

The following document is attached to assist in your claims.

ABC of Claims


Hurricane Travel Reimbursement Documents

Hurricane Irma Evacuation Order

Termination of Hurricane Irma Evacuation Order

Complete Hurricane Irma Reference Packet

Blank DD Form 1610

Blank DD Form 1351


Hurricane Irma Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is authorized reimbursement?

A: Soldiers, DOD employees and their Families affected by Hurricane Irma that live within one of the designated mandatory evacuation zones.


Q: What can I be reimbursed for?

A: Food and lodging (i.e. per diem) and gas (i.e. mileage) is calculated by location


Q: Who can file for reimbursement?

A: To receive all entitlements, Service Members/DOD employees AND their spouses must each file a voucher. Service Members will file for reimbursement digitally through the Defense Travel System (DTS). Spouses will file for reimbursement manually for themselves and any other dependents by bringing required documentation to travel reimbursement processing centers established across Fort Stewart and Hunter Army Airfield. The person with their name on the lodging receipt will file for lodging reimbursement.


Q: Why do Soldiers and Family Members have to file vouchers separately?

A: Funding to reimburse Soldiers comes from a different account than funding to reimburse Family Members.


Q: What documentation do I need to get reimbursed?

A: The travel assistance center will provide copies of the senior commander evacuation order, the termination of evacuation order and maps validating evacuation areas.

  • Items you will need to provide for reimbursement include:
  • Military identification card
  • Lodging receipts and or proof of safe haven location
  • Evacuation Information Verification Sheet. Please see the example packet, to complete these document prior to arrival will decrease wait times.
  • Travel Orders (DD1610), completed to the best of your ability. Please complete the Blank DD Form 1610 prior to arrival; this will decrease wait times.
  • Travel Vouchers (DD1351-2), completed to the best of your ability. Please complete the Blank DD Form 1351 prior to arrival; this will decrease wait times.
  • Proof of local residence (Example: A current bill from the last two months with your name and local address, or your DA Form 1172-2 which you can find at milConnect
  • Proof of family member relationship (Example: Birth certificates, marriage certificates, DA Form 1172-2 or DD Form 93; which you can find at milConnect

Q: What documentation counts as safe haven location?

A: The following documents will suffice:

  • A hotel Receipt with hotel name, address, and the name of the Soldier or spouse.
  • A fuel or food receipt with the date/time group stamp and name and address of the business where purchase was made.
  • A credit card statement showing location (City, State) and date purchase was made.
  • A written and signed statement from the person with whom evacuees stayed stating the address at which the evacuees stayed. (Least preferred method)

Q: What is a DA Form 1172-2 and how can I get one?

A: A DA Form 1172-2 is an Application for Identification Card/DEERS Enrollment Form and can be found by personnel with a Common Access Card (CAC) at Follow the directions below for exact directions. If you do not have a CAC, brigade travel reimbursement centers will be able to provide a copy of your DA Form 1172-2. As a back-up, we recommend that personnel still bring additional supporting documentation (i.e. birth certificates, bill with address etc.

  • Sign into milConnect with your CAC
  • Click "Print Family List"
  • Highlight/check "Select All Family Members" then proceed
  • Click "I Agree"
  • Click "Proceed"
  • Click "Display Form"
  • Print out your DD 1172-2


Q: Where and when can I get go to get reimbursed?

A: Soldiers and Family Members can file vouchers at their designated brigade travel reimbursement processing center or at the central reimbursement facilities at Fort Stewart and Hunter Army Airfield. See list below for locations and phone numbers:

  • 1st Brigade Combat Team: Bldg. 705 Classroom near 15th St. and Gulick Ave. ; Phone: (912) 767-7033; Hours: 0930-1700 (M-F)
  • 2nd Brigade Combat Team: Bldg. 8433 near Rally point Rd. and Vanguard Rd.; Hours: 0930-1700 (M-F)
  • Division Artillery Brigade: Headquarters Bldg. 611 Rm. 214; Corner or Gulick Ave. and 6th St.; Phone: (912) 767-1269 Hours: 0930-1700 (M-F)
  • Combat Aviation Brigade: HAAF Army Community Service Center 171 Haley Avenue, Savannah GA; Phone: (912) 315-6816 Hours: 0930-1700 (M-F)
  • 3rd Sustainment Brigade: Brigade Headquarters Bldg. 728A (S1 shop) near Gulick Ave and 6th St.; Phone: (912) 767-8531; Hours: 0930-1700 (M-F)
  • 123rd Signal Battalion: Battalion Headquarters Bldg. 4430 2nd Floor; Barkley Ave, Ft Stewart; Phone: (912) 435-1968; Hours: 0930-1700 (M-F)
  • 3 Infantry Division Headquarters: 3ID Headquarters, Headquarters Battalion Bldg. 217, S3 Shop; East Bultman Ave.; Phone: (912) 767-0410; Hours: 0930-1700
  • Fort Stewart Garrison Central Reimbursement Facility: Marne Chapel Bldg. 610; Corner of Hero Rd. and Gulick Ave.; Hours: 0900-1600 (M-F)
  • Hunter Army Airfield Central Reimbursement Facility: HAAF Army Community Service Center 171 Haley Avenue, Savannah GA; Army Community Service Bldg. 1286; Hours: 0900-1600 (M-F)


Q: Which processing center do I go to if I am not affiliated with one of the previously mentioned units?

A: DOD Employees, their Families, and Fort Stewart Tenant Units not administratively tracked by the 3rd Infantry Division can file their travel vouchers at Fort Stewart or Hunter Army Airfield Garrison Central Reimbursement Facilities.


Q: If my Soldier is deployed do I need a power of attorney?

A: No. However, if you have one, we recommend bringing it to prevent any delays for unique circumstances.


Q: How will I be compensated and what documentation do I need if my safe haven location was at a friend's or Family member's house?

A: Affected personnel who chose to stay with friends or Family will receive standard per diem reimbursement based on their safe haven location. Personnel will need the following items:



  • Proof of safe haven location. (e.g. receipts, credit card statements, etc.)
  • Proof of local residence (Example: A bill with your local address or the DA Form 1172-2 which you can find at MilConnect
  • Proof of Family member relationship (Example: Birth certificates or the DA Form 1172-2 which you can find at MilConnect


Q: Will I still be reimbursed if I was forced to find a safe haven outside the 500-mile radius?

A: Yes. However, affected personnel with a safe haven location outside the designated radius will only receive gas/mileage reimbursement for up to 500 miles. Affected personnel will receive reimbursement for gas, lodging, and meals in accordance with rates established by DOD based on safe haven location.


Q: What happens after I file my voucher?

A: If there are any issues concerning your voucher, your unit will receive notification in 2-3 business days. Processing centers will send completed vouchers by mail to DFAS Rome the day after submission for processing. Personnel should receive payment about 10 business days from when DFAS receives a complete and correct packet. You should receive an email at the address listed on the travel voucher when your voucher has been processed.