How to get through the Stewart-Hunter gates:

If you don’t have a Military ID:

If you don’t have a Military ID, we’ll have to do a background check on you before we can grant you a pass. You, and everyone in your vehicle, will need government-issued identification (such as drivers licenses or passports).

Note: you can also use a DD1173 or DD2 as identification.


If you have a Dependent ID:

No need to stop at the Visitor Control Center. You’re dependent military ID gets you on post without the need of a pass. Everyone over 18 in your car will need to show identification at the gate though (if they don’t need a military ID, drivers licenses are just fine).


If you have a Military ID (CAC):

Simply show your CAC to the MPs when you come through. You will have to show identification for everyone in your car over 18 years of age, however (they don’t need a CAC, just you).



Physical Security Divison (DES)


Bldg 226

Bultman Ave

Fort Stewart, GA 31313


Visitor Control Center Hours:

Monday through Saturday: 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Open Sundays from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.


How do I get on post if I don't have a Military ID?

Stop at the Visitor Control Center on your way into the Main Gate. There, we will do a background check before you can be granted a visitors pass. You, and everyone in your vehicle over 18, will need government-issued identification (such as a drivers license or passport).

Can I get on post with a dependent Military ID?

Yes. There is no need to stop at the Visitor Control Center if you have a dependent ID. Simply show your ID when driving through the gate.

What if I forgot my CAC or ID?

You have to go to the Visitor Control center to get a visitor pass if you don't have your military ID - or you can ask someone to bring it to you.

Do my passengers need a military ID?

No. If you have your Military ID, they can ride with you onto post but they MUST have their own government-issued ID.

Do my passengers need to get a background check?

No, not if they are riding with you.

Can I apply for a pass in advance?

Yes! You can apply for a visitors pass up to 30 days in advance. Call the Visitor Control Center for details.

What if my children have military IDs but I don't? Can I still get on post?

Yes, you can still get on post as long as you have your child's military ID with you.

I work for a Federal Agency. Is my ID valid?


I'm a state official with identification. Do I need a visitor pass?

No. Any state or city employee with a valid state/county/city issued ID can access the installation.

Are the rules different for bike-riders?

No. All persons, including bike riders, either need a CAC or a visitor pass to get on post.

Can I use my VA ID to get on post?

No. Your Veterans Administration ID with photo is not acceptable credential for access. Please visit the Visitor Control Center.

Can I use my Gold Star ID to get on post?

No. The Gold Star ID is not an acceptable form of identification for entry to the installation.

What if I'm getting married on post?

Provide a by name list of ALL guests, caters, etc. to the Visitor Control Center 2 weeks in advance. All visitors on the list will require proper identification or a DoD escort.

Are motor homes allowed on post?



Obtaining short-term and long-term passes made simple! Follow the steps on the flow chart and you'll be driving through the gates in no time!

Click here to download your own IMSH Form 2737-E-R

In AMRDEC ⚠, please set the Recipient address at

Please allow 72hrs for processing purposes.

A flowchart depicting the procedures for obtaining long and short term passes.