SFC Paul R. Smith
Army Education Center
Bldg 100
100 Knowledge Drive
Fort Stewart, GA 31314
Phone: (912) 767-8331
DSN 870-8331

Hunter Army Airfield
Army Education Center
Bldg 1290
165 Markwell Street, Suite 16
Hunter Army Airfield, GA 31409
Phone: (912) 315-6130
DSN 971-6130

A government-issued photo ID is required for entry into the Education Center.

If you have questions or would like to schedule an appointment after duty hours, please contact the Education Center by calling 767-8331 at Stewart or 315 6130 at Hunter; or by email at CLICK HERE.


Only educational institutions with a signed Department of Defense Voluntary Education Partnership MOU may be granted access to Fort Stewart/HAAF, GA.
All access requests must be cleared by the Education Center prior to visitation.

Army Continuing Education System


  • Deliver the highest quality educational services and programs to the Total Army Community
  • Enhance recruiting, reenlistment, and retention of quality Soldiers
  • Support the Army in improving Combat Readiness
  • Retain and enhance a quality staff through continuous professional educational opportunities

Career Development Goals for Enlisted Soldiers:

  • Master academic skills necessary for performance of primary Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) and prerequisites for Noncommissioned Officer Education System (NCOES)
  • Earn a high school diploma or equivalent before completion of first enlistment
  • Earn a college degree, license, or professional certificate in a discipline related to primary MOS as recommended by the career management field (CMF) proponent of DA PAM 600-25, The Noncommissioned Officer Professional Development Guide

Career Development Goals for Warrant Officers:

  • Obtain an associate degree in an academic discipline related to specialty as defined in DA PAM 600-11 requirements for warrant officer professional development, by the fifth year of active warrant officer service (AWOS) or the fifteenth year for reserve component (RC) warrant officers
  • Earn a bachelor degree in any academic discipline prior to reaching the CW4 promotion selection point

Career Development Goals for Commissioned Officers:

  • Pursue graduate study that supports designated branch or functional area

Multi-use Learning Facility

The MLF is designed to meet the unique mission of the command being served. The MLF provides educational services with direct training support and academic services. A wide variety of study programs are available to include basic and advanced academic skills, AFCT (GT) improvement, college level examination programs review, preparation for college entrance exams, effective study skills programs, and others. The goal is to provide a "One-Stop Training Support Facility" for Commanders and their Soldiers. Our Education Center is staffed with Education Specialists who can coordinate the unique education and training requirements of the unit leaders and Soldiers in support of combat readiness. In addition, the MLF Support staff can work directly with the Command and Soldiers in identifying and accessing appropriate training materials, conducting training, and coordinating facilities for specific education and training needs.

U.S. Army Education Site - (https://www.hrc.army.mil/site/education/index.html)