Service:For questions concerning Reassignments, Permanent Change of Station (PCS) orders. Soldiers are required to contact their Battalion S1. S1 will provide a Levy packet to be completed and returned for turn-in to the installation Reassignments Section.

Levy Briefings:Enlisted Soldiers must attend a LEVY brief within 30 days of assignment notification. S-1s are notified when enlisted Soldiers are placed on assignment.  Reassignment briefings are held in Building 253 Room 1100. Please see your S-1 to complete and turn-in a Levy packet prior to attending the briefing. 

For Soldiers being reassigned CONUS (stateside) the PCS brief is held at: 0900 hours. every Tuesday. (Arrive no later than 0845 hours). For Soldiers being reassigned OCONUS (overseas) (to include Alaska and Hawaii) the PCS brief is held at 1300 hours every Tuesday (Arrive no later than 1245 hours).

Officers, please see your Battalion S-1 for a levy packet.  Once completed, officers can hand-carry, or have their S-1 hand-carry the packet to the Levy Section. Due to distance between installations, all Officers assigned to Hunter Army Airfield can e-mail/scan their completed packets to the Reassignments email address.