Mission Statement:

3-345th CS/CSS trains and provides 188th IN BDE with prepared, adaptive, and agile leaders who possess the technical and tactical proficiency to advise, assist, and train Reserve Component partners to conduct unified land operations during pre and post mobilization training events in order to provide trained and ready forces to the Geographic Combatant Commanders.  

Points of Contact:
Unit Adminstrator: 404-469-5005
Bn S3: 404-469-5025
Mailing Address:
GIllem Enclave
5015 North 34th Street, Building 900
Forest Park, Georgia 30297-5005

LTC Samuel Robison, BN CDR





 LTC Samuel Robison, BN CDR

3-345 ltc drapejones.jpg





 CSM T'Resay Drape-Jones, BN CSM