Congratulations and welcome to the 3rd Infantry Division Artillery (3ID DIVARTY).  We are certain you will find this assignment a most challenging and rewarding experience for you and your Family. Our mission is to deploy to any area of operation to plan, synchronize, and execute combined, joint, and multinational fires in order to provide accurate, lethal destructive fires, deep strike and counter fire capabilities in support of unified land operations and; on order provides Brigade-level mission command for any joint, service, multinational, or functional headquarters and associated mission.

For both Soldiers with Families and single Soldiers, you are strongly encouraged to take advantage of your unit Family Readiness Group (FRG) or Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers (BOSS) programs.  These opportunities will help you transition to your new duty station and meet Soldiers and Families in your unit.  Upon arrival to your unit, please contact your unit FRG Advisor or BOSS representative for more information.

Hinesville and Fort Stewart are located in a pleasant and picturesque area of Coastal Georgia.  Facilities for the outdoors are available both on and off-post.  In addition, Fort Stewart has an excellent recreational area, Holbrook Pond, ten miles east of the installation.  Libraries, movies, land craft shops for the hobbyists are all available on post, as well as a Post Exchange, commissary, churches, and a 27-hole golf course.

Hinesville and its surrounding areas are a growing community with a population of approximately 100,000.  It has a beautiful downtown and several shopping areas nearby, including suburban Savannah.  Hinesville is the home of Savannah Technical College and a satellite unit of Armstrong State University.  

Family housing on post is somewhat limited. Most of our Soldiers live in the Hinesville area or nearby communities.  If you decide to enter into a rental or lease agreement for private housing in this area, you must first report to the Housing Directorate, Soldier Service Center, building 253, Fort Stewart.  If you have PTDY preapproved, you will need to report to the housing office in the Soldier Service Center with your DA Form 31 so they can validate the start of your PTDY period.
Additional information can be found at or <a href=""></a>.  I hope these websites will be helpful to you and assist you with your move.  

Upon your arrival to Fort Stewart, report to the Marne Reception Center (MRC), building 200 (adjacent to the Soldier Service Center).  The telephone number for the Marne Reception Center is (912) 767-0115/0111, DSN 870.  Upon in-processing, in order to sign in and close out your DA Form 31 (leave form), please bring your military ID, a copy of your orders, your leave form, and a completed copy of your evaluation from your losing unit.   

We trust you and your Family will be warmly welcomed as a member of the team and enjoy your tour of duty here in Fort Stewart and Hinesville.

If you have any questions regarding your assignment, please contact the 3ID DIVARTY, Sponsorship Management Coordinator at Office 912-767-5159.



Eurgne Johnson                                           Robert W. Marshall
CSM, USA                                                      COL, FA
Command Sergeant Major                           Commanding