24th Finance / Defense Military Pay Office

The Soldier Service Center, Bldg 253, is located at 55 Pony Soldier Avenue. Listed below are the phone number for the In/Out Processing, Travel, and Separations Section which are located within this facility.

Detachment Commander: 767-5335
Detachment Sergeant: 767-4543
Civilian Supervisor IOP & Travel: 767-5310
In/Out Processing: 767-0047/0124/0155
Travel: 767-3482/4230
Civilian Supervisor Separations: 767-0114
Separation: 767-5724

The Main Finance Office is located on 1042 William H Wilson, Bldg 622. This office services all soldiers assigned to Fort Stewart.

Detachment Commander: 767-5026
Detachment Sergeant: 767-6970
Civilian Supervisor: 767-5304
Customer Services: 767-9669/5648
Dept Management: 767-4311/4361
AWOL/DFR: 767-3633
Disbursing: 767-5527
Processing: 767-3822/2483

The HAAF office is located in bldg. 1286 at HAAF. This office serves all Soldiers assigned to HAAF.

Civilian Supervisor: 315-3209
Customer Services: 315-5136
Processing: 315-4009