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 Fort Stewart 

Area Code: 912
Phone: 767-2882
Army Community Center: 767-5058
Domestic Violence Reporting Hotline: 767-3032
Family Advocacy Program: 767-2882
Family Readiness Center: 767-1257
Information Referral Desk: 767-5058/5059
Military One Source: 800-342-9647
Orientation Activities: 767-2467
Rape Crisis Center: 888-241-7273
RPOC Hotline: 767-0025
School Liaison Program: 767-6533
SHARP Hotline: 271-9958
Social Work Services: 435-6779

 Hunter Army Airfield 

Area Code: 912
Phone: 315-6816
Classes/Training: 315-6816
Domestic Violence Reporting Hotline: 767-3032
Information Referral Desk: 315-6816
RPOC Hotline: 767-0025
SHARP Hotline: 271-9958
Social Work Services: 315-5236

Financial Readiness


Army Community Service
191 Lindquist Road, Bldg 86
Phone: (912) 767-5058
FAX: (912) 767-3195
DSN Prefix = 870
TOLL FREE 1-877-433-6114
MONDAY – FRIDAY 7:30am – 4:30pm

Army Community Service
171 Haley Ave, Bldg 1286
Hunter AAF, GA 31409
Phone: (912) 315-6816
FAX: (912) 315-2601
DSN Prefix = 729
MONDAY – FRIDAY 7:30am – 4:30pm

Open Door to Financial Success

"Teaching Soldiers to Build Wealth not Debt" along with the following definition of the program: Army Community Service, Financial Readiness Program with an emphasis on financial literacy and self-sufficiency helps resolve financial problems and reduce stress associated with money worries both proactively and reactively. We offer a wide range of services to assist active duty and retired military, their ID card family members and Department of the Army civilian employees with their financial affairs.

Our professional, certified Financial Readiness Counselors can help you improve your personal financial skills; develop spending, savings and investment plans; evaluate your assets and liabilities; and improve your ability to perform as an informed consumer.

Budget Checklist Handout



Working on your individual finances can be like a puzzle. You have to think about what goes where. Let the ACS Financial Readiness Team help you. We offer:

  • Money Management and Budgeting
  • Financial Planning and Investing
  • Consumer Education/Consumer Complaints
  • Assistance to Spouses and Families members to ensure a better understanding of individual and Family finances and reduce the stress associated with money worries:




The ACS Financial Readiness Team is ready to assist Families providing education opportunities to assist with:

  • Living on a Plan - Creating A Budget the Works
  • Keeping Your Bank Account in Check
  • Best Deal on Wheels - Car Buying Strategies
  • Downsize Your Debt
  • Reintegration Financial Planning (Partnership with Deployment Readiness)
  • Education about Credit Reports
  • How to save for the Holidays


Our Financial Readiness also assists our Soldiers and Families by providing the following assistance.

AER Forms:

AER Application Form 700
AER Commander's Referral Application Form 600
AER Assistance Checklist
Budget Checklist Handout

Army Emergency Relief (AER): Provides emergency financial assistance for the following conditions, subject to approval:

Initial Rent Deposit   Emergency Repair of POV
Non-Receipt of Pay Critical Emergency Travel
Prevent Utilities cutoff Fire or Disaster
Theft or loss of funds Funeral Expenses

Financial Aid us usually in the form of an interest-free loan. Under extreme circumstances, the AER assistance may be given as a grant.

AER Assistance will be given as:

  • An interest-free loan
  • A grant (an outright gift of funds) if repayment of loan will cause undue hardship
  • Part loan and part grant

**Grant determination made by AER Staff based on application assessment**

ON-LINE Resources/Websites

Military One Source offers a variety of support and informational services via web and toll free telephone service 24 hours a day. 1-800-342-9647

Army One Source compiles important, credible and up-to-date information in a single location. Available 24 hours a day at


Saving and Investing
Financial Regulatory
Thrift Savings
Federal Financial Literacy and Education

Consumer Education Information
Better Business
Federal Trade
Federal Government Consumer
Military Consumer
National Do Not Call


ACS has a staff of financial educators to provide information on getting finances under control. Classes provided are Banking and Checking, Planning and Budgeting, Understanding Credit, Savings, Investments, TSP, Debt Management, Car Buying and Insurance to name a few.

For the current class schedule, CLICK HERE