Contact Information

 Fort Stewart 

Area Code: 912
Phone: 767-5265/5267
Fax: 767-5808
Admin Support: 767-5974/5828
Drug Testing Coordinator: 767-5944
Employee Assistance Program: 767-5672/5974
Prevention Coordinator: 767-1146/7193
Risk Reduction Coordinator: 767-3680
Suicide Prevention Program: 767-7373

 Hunter Army Airfield 

Drug Testing Coordinator: 315-5592

Army Substance Abuse Program

Our mission: To strengthen the overall fitness and effectiveness of the Army’s workforce, to conserve manpower, and to enhance the combat readiness of Soldiers.

Services: Biochemical Testing, Prevention Education, Risk Reduction and Suicide Prevention. Rehabilitation services are authorized for all eligible personnel as directed by AR 600-85 and AR 40-68. The program supports TRICARE, medical and mental health treatment providers, as well as other public and private agencies by accepting referrals for consultation, evaluation, and treatment.

Fort Stewart
808 Worcester Avenue, Bldg 201-A,
Phone: (912) 767-5265 /5267
Fax: (912) 767-5808

807 Worcester Avenue, Bldg 201,
Phone: (912) 767-5974

Hunter Army Airfield
171 Haley Ave, BLDG 1286
Phone: (912) 315-5592
Fax: (912) 312-2319