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Area Code: 912
Officer: 767-4074

Equal Employment Opportunity

To provide technical and professional advice to DoD employee's at Fort Stewart/HAAF in accordance with Title VII and all applicable EEO regulatory guidelines which safeguard the workplace from discrimination based on sex, race, color, national origin, age, disability, religion, reprisal or physical/mental disability.

We provide the following support to the Fort Stewart community:
Serve as the Garrison Commander's primary advisor on EEO/Affirmative Employment.

Manage the Department of the Army complaints processing system.

Provide EEO related training.

Provide leadership and guidance in administering the Special Emphasis Programs.

Plan, develop and monitor the implementation of the Fort Stewart/HAAF Affirmative Employment Plan.

EEO Program Objectives: To process complaints of discrimination in timely manner, resolve workplace disputes at the lowest possible level, implement Affirmative Employment initiatives and identify systemic barriers and discriminatory practices that impede cultivation of diverse work force.

EEO Procedures

Fort Stewart EEO Contact Information:
Equal Employment Opportunity Officer
CMCL: (912)767-4074 / DSN: 870-4074

Equal Employment Opportunity Office
954 William H. Wilson Ave.
Bldg 624, Suite 123
Fort Stewart, Georgia 31314