Contact Information

Area Code: 912
Chief: 767-3006
Staff: 767-5816
Staff: 767-5834
Staff: 767-3732
Staff: 767-3508

Internal Review and Audit Compliance Office


The Internal Review and Audit Compliance Office (IRACO) is a professional source of objective, reliable, and timely information to assist installation commanders in making informed decisions, resolving issues, and using resources effectively and efficiently.

Internal Review offices’ highest priority is to support Army Audit Readiness efforts.


The overall function of IRACO is to furnish the garrison commanders with an independent and objective evaluation of operations and related management controls. Audit compliance services, follow-up services, formal review reports, liaison services, quick response reviews, and consulting and advisory services are included in this responsibility. Each year IR prepares an Annual IR Plan, prioritized and approved by the Garrison Commander to establish IR priorities in accordance with AR 11-7.

These responsibilities require IRACO to:

  • Understand the system of internal control, operational and financial, determine its function, and evaluate its effectiveness to ensure the safeguarding of, accounting for, and proper use of resources.
  • Appraise the adequacy and effectiveness of proposed and existing policies, systems, procedures, and practices in all areas of command operations and making constructive recommendations for their improvement.
  • Analyze problem areas for the purpose of recommending action necessary to ensure solutions or to eliminate causes leading to the recurrence of known problems to the command group.
  • Perform audit compliance services in accordance with Army Regulation (AR) 11-7, Internal Review and Audit Compliance Program, Generally Accepted Government Auditing Standards (GAGAS) and other sources as directed.
  • Serve as the lead for FSGA/HAAF for Army Audit Readiness initiatives to include monthly testing, IPA Exams, site visits, corrective action implementation follow-up, and internal audits of the internal controls.

Staff competencies include certifications from Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, Certified Defense Financial Manager, and Certified Internal Auditor.

Hours of Operation

0800 – 1630 hours EST/EDST

Monday – Friday