SOP and Policy Letter

Click here to view the policy for recreational users on Fort Stewart/Hunter Army Airfield.

2015 Hunting, Fishing & Outdoor Recreation Updates

  • Anglers must use the established official check-in codes to fish in all managed ponds on FS/HAAF. All pond check-in codes are in Appendix D.
  • Rim fire rifles are allowed for hunting in areas F-13, F-14, F-18, and F-19. Page 14, section 2-2, paragraph f.
  • Bow fishing is allowed for non-game fish in the Ogeechee and a portion of the Canoochee Rivers. Page 16, section 2-3, paragraph e.
  • Horseback riding is allowed in training area A-16. Page 21, section 3-3, paragraph b (1).
  • Appendix D show all managed ponds with their official check-in codes.