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These diverse species of fish are found in our ponds, lakes, streams, and swamps. Within the boundaries of it's 280,000 acres, Fort Stewart offers anglers over 20 ponds and lakes totaling over 400 acres of fishable waters, in addition to 260 miles of "blackwater" streams and rivers.

Dogwood Lake (Pond #28) is a 33 acre intensively managed pond and typical of many of the installation's impoundments. (Notice the numerous "earthen piers" to improve angler access and increase fish shoreline habitat.)

Angler fishing Canoochee River

The Canoochee and Ogeechee Rivers are beautiful "blackwater" rivers that offer excellent spring and summer fishing.  (The "blackwaters" of the these coastal rivers get their color from tannins leached from the trees that line the river flood plain. Think of it as a big pitcher of sun-brewed tea from the steeping of a giant tea bag!).

Pond #30 is one of our borrow pit ponds. Excavated sites that provide a source of fill dirt for construction work can be converted into useable fish ponds to benefit the anglers and local wildlife. After a little shoreline work, filling and fish stocking, the once empty "hole in the ground" becomes a valuable fishery.

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