Wall of Fame

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Here are a few more pictures of notable catches from installation waters in recent years! (And these are just a few of the ones we hear about!)

Below Left: SFC David Wardlow, of B Co. 1-306th, displays his beautiful 16 lb.-plus bass caught in Pond 33 in late January 2005, on a Trick worm.
Below right: This 16 lb. 1.2 oz. lunker was caught from Pond #26 by SPC David Gregory on April 26th, 2001! Pond #26 is under a trophy bass management program and this fish seems to indicate that it's working! SPC Gregory caught this one on a spinner bait. 

Pond 26 16 lb 1.2 oz bass

Below, Josh Pacut of Ludowici, GA, displays his trophy 15 lb. 1 oz. largemouth taken from Pineview Lake on Dec 31st, 2002. The bass was 25" long with a 23" girth. He caught an 8 lb. bass the same trip! (Most of us would have been happy with the 8 pounder!)

Below Left: Paul Smith of Hinesville shows off his 15.09 lb. largemouth that won him first place in the Georgia Division of the TNN Outdoors Big Bass World Championship in 1997. This wall hanger was taken from Pineview Lake in the middle of the summer! Below Right: Don Harlow of Stone, Kentucky makes his first trip to fish Fort Stewart ponds and leaves with the one of the biggest bass ever caught from Georgia waters...a 15 lb. 12 oz. "hawg"! He was fishing with a 6" plastic lizard in February 1993 in Pond #28.

Below Left: A monster bass caught out of Big Metz Lake, Pond #26, by Debra Foerstel of Hinesville. Her father, an avid bass angler, has taught her well! (See his picture below!) Below Right: Like daughter, like father...CSM  Ed Foerstel holds another nice bigmouth from Pond #26.

Below Left: The installation's Chief Wildlife Law Enforcement Officer, Greg Harvey, with a 15 lb. 9.6 oz. lunker from Pond #4. Below Right: SSG C. Heyward, 123 Signal Battalion, shows off this nice 10 lb-plus bass caught in Pond 30 in 2004.

Below, is is pair of 10 lb bass that this angler caught out of Pond 30! Just as lightning doesn't strike in the same place twice, this kind of success from one pond by the same angler is a rarity as well!

Below Left: David Hill displays his very nice 9.5 lb bass caught from Pond 34 in 2004. Below Right: Pond 34 produces another memorable 5.5 lb. bass for this youngster. 

Below Left: Johnny Edwards hold up his 6 lb. 6 oz. bass from Pond 3. Below Right: An angler displays a nice crappie and bass caught from Pond 26.

Below Left: What a catch for his first time fishing on Fort Stewart! Craig Lanier of Richmond Hill holds his 11.5 lb., 25" trophy caught Dogwood Lake, Pond #28. Below Right: SFC Hilton displays his 8.5 lb. bass taken from Pond 30.

Below Left: James Wise, the father of one of our 3ID soldiers, proudly shows off his nice catch out of Pond 30: an 8.19 lb. largemouth bass caught this March (2 Mar 2005)! Below Right: Ken Young, from Keystone Heights, FL, holds up his 9.9 lb., 23.5" long largemouth bass from Pineview Lake (Pond #1). He caught this on 3/14/05 on a crankbait.

Below Left: More than hand-sized! These "almost black" bluegill, caught out of Pond #4, weigh well over a pound each! (That's a 48 qt. cooler they are laying on!) Below Right: An angler holding up a 1 lb. 9 oz. crappie from Pond 3.

Below Left: Mr. Billy Wilkinson of Ludowici holds a couple of nice striped bass caught in the Canoochee River. Below Right: Dontrell Fields is all smiles over his first fish...a 2 lb. bass caught from Pond 19.

Below Left: This large channel catfish topped the scales at over 21 pounds! This one was caught out of Pond #19 by Eric Kilelneweber, however, the Canoochee and Ogeechee Rivers can produce some nice catfish as well. Below Right: Another nice channel catfish caught from the Canoochee River.

Below: Two pictures of full stringerf of redbreast sunfish caught from Installation streams and rivers. Below Left: These fish came from the Canoochee River during the spring and early summer prime fishing season. Below right: Josh Pacut hold up his stringer of Canoochee Creek redbreast caught in 2004. 

Below Left: Sergeant Ted Mattingly, of the 559th Quartermaster Battalion, 202nd/205th Detachment, caught this nice 7 lb. 3 oz. 23 " bass out of Pond #24 at HAAF January 2002. Below Right: Eight year old Khadijah Kamile Sykes of Hinesville proudly displays her 19.5" channel catfish taken from Pond #32.  Her dad, SSG William Sykes, says she gets her love of fishing honestly...it's a "family thing"! Congratulations Khadijah!