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Resource Management Office


The Resource Management Office directs, coordinates and provides assistance and advice to the Commander, other directors and staff members concerning the installation's resource management activities.

We provide the following support to the Fort Stewart community:

The Resource Management Office establishes resource management policy, including programming and budgeting; manpower management; management practices; organizational efficiency reviews/studies; productivity improvement, and accounting policy. Serves as the principal advisor and member of the installation's Program and Budget Advisory Committee (PBAC); serves as the installation liaison officer with on-post financial institutions; sits on key installation committees and boards; serves as the activity career program manager for the Comptroller (CP-11) and Manpower (CP-26) Career Programs. Certifies year-end reports (when authority has been delegated by the Commander).

Garrison Super Saver of the Quarter Program

Purpose: A way to save money for the Garrison in the current environment of shrinking resources by eliciting new ideas from the workforce; ideas that eliminate wasteful spending of taxpayer dollars.

Background: A hybrid competition similar to the old Army Suggestion Program and Garrison Employee of the Quarter Program competed quarterly on the local garrison level.

Concept: All Garrison employees may voluntarily submit ideas to Ms. Barbara Cardinal (Chief Management Analyst in RMO), who collects the ideas, removes names and personally identifying information and prepares entries for consideration by the Garrison Employee of the Quarter Board. The Garrison Employee of the Quarter board currently has 3 categories. This would be category number 4. The competitive winner of category number 4 would be blessed/approved by the DGC just like categories 1, 2 and 3. Ms. Cardinal will be the Garrison POC. She will coordinate closely with Mr. James Sharp and Ms. Pam King to have the nomination packets ready to present to the Garrison Employee of the Quarter board. Additionally, she will market the competition by email, Frontline, Marne Message, etc. She will get the evaluation criteria matrix blessed by the EEO, SJA and DGC before the first competition. Every entry will be accompanied by a statement from the appropriate SME verifying that it indeed saves money and is original. For example, an entry that suggests carpooling to save gas money would not qualify because there is already and Army Transit Program and a VURB that encourages shared use of Government Vehicles.

Prize: The employee submitting the winning entry would receive a $500 on the spot bonus award and can be recognized at the State of the Garrison along with other award winners.

Rules: Must be something local that saves the Garrison money. For example, an entry that states the US could save $32B annually by cutting off all foreign aid to countries overseas would not qualify since it is not local and would not save the Garrison money. Also an entry that states the US Army could save $200M in annual moving costs by PCSing Soldiers every 4 years instead of every 24 months would not qualify because it's not local and would not save the Garrison money.

Examples: 2 hypothetical examples of cost savings that would qualify to compete in our quarterly completion.

1. I work in Branch X of Master Planning Division in DPW. We process real property records for all the buildings on Fort Stewart/HAAF. While driving back and forth to work I noticed that building 14250 is always empty. When I checked with the Business Operations Division I learned that we pay a lease on that building to Command Y every month of $800. Why are we leasing an empty building? If we cancelled the lease for the empty building, the garrison could save $9,600 a year in rental costs.

2. I work in Z Directorate and my job is to process widgets once a month. Every time we process widgets we use a new container which ends up getting thrown out after the process. Each container costs $200. If we just re-use the containers they should last a year or more. By re-using the containers we could save the Garrison $2,200 a year in container costs (11 months X$200).

Supports HRQMB Objective 3.4.3 Prevent Fraud, Waste and Abuse.

Super Saver Nomination Form

Please fill out Super Saver Nomination form and follow the instructions.

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