Family Readiness Support Assistant

Program implemented April 2004 as contracted positions

April 2006 – VCSA determined that the program is a mission support element and belongs to the Army Commands

Per CG guidance, HRD implemented a temporary over hire program through FY08 – placing the employees in the GS system, funded and supported by HQ FORSCOM

FY08 FRSA Program consists of the following:

16 Full time GS-07s – Corps/Division level

458 Full time GS-05s – Brigade/Battalion level

DA FRSA Program

Implement to Battalion level across all ACOMs

Permanent positions on AUG TDA

GS6/YB1 – Battalion through Corps

Positions belong to the Commander (MSE provides admin support)

Expected implementation FY10

Hiring Process

Senior Commander sets hiring action procedures

FRG Advisors and Leaders are NOT part of the hiring process