Physical Security/Gate Access

Visitors Access – How To Request A Pass

Pass FloW Chart

To request an access pass to post, you can go to either Visitor Control Centers at Gate 1, FS or Montgomery Gate, HAAF. If you go to the Visitor Control Center, the process will take approximately 10 minutes per person, so please allow for extra time when making travel plans. Initially you will receive a pass for up to 72 hours. Personnel who frequent either installation for the purpose of MWR Activities (Golf, Bowling Leagues or Bingo), Child Care Provider, Parent of A Marne Child or to attend Colleges or Universities located on HAAF can request an Extended Pass (no more than 30 days) or an AIE Badge or Card by submitting a IMSH Form 2737-E-R.

By submitting your form, you are agreeing to a background check, which uses the National Crime Information Center Interstate Identification Index, a Federal Bureau of Investigation database that provides criminal histories from all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

If you are approved for a visitor pass or AIE Badge or Card, you will be required to obtain a day pass from Visitors Control Center (VCC) to go to either Bldg 226, FS or Bldg 1286 (Rm 154) HAAF. Be aware that all individuals 18 and older in the vehicle are required to have a background check and pass before being allowed to enter the installation unescorted. Visitors with a valid pass and picture ID can access the installation at any Access Control Point during their visit. Passes are valid only for the timeframe you were approved.

If Your Access Pass is Denied

If you have been denied a visitor pass or Automated Installation Entry Card at a Visitor Control Center based on the regulatory required National Crime Information Center check to determine identity vetting you may request for an access denial waiver by completing the following steps: Obtain a certified copy of your complete criminal history, including all arrests and convictions, from the appropriate Clerk of the Court. This criminal history must include all matters that were noted in your National Crime Information Center check. Obtain a letter of support from your employer. The letter must, at least, indicate that your employer will employ you upon the issuance of a waiver. In cases where you are visiting a government sponsor on post, you must include your sponsor's; full name, rank/status, unit/organization, address for on-post residence or location of visitation, telephone number and dates of visitation. Complete the attached Fort Stewart Access Control Denial Waiver Application in its entirety and submit your application packet to your government sponsor who will be responsible for the submission of the waiver application to the Fort Stewart Physical Security Office. You must list all offenses and provide an explanation about why your offenses should not bar you from coming on Fort Stewart in the application. The government sponsor will review the applicant’s packet for completeness and determine if a waiver is warranted for the applicant before submission to the Physical Security Office. The government sponsor must provide a letter of recommendation in support of the applicant. The government sponsor should address the respective offenses and indicate why those offenses should not bar you from Fort Stewart. The government sponsor may hand deliver the waiver application to the Fort Stewart Physical Security Office, Building 226.Upon satisfaction of these steps, the reviewing officer will determine based on the information provided whether the applicant fits into one of the following two categories: (1) The applicant is prohibited for life from obtaining a denial waiver for access to Fort Stewart. (2) The applicant is prohibited for ten (10) years from the date of discharge of their sentence from obtaining a denial waiver. If you are not disqualified for one of the above reasons, the reviewing officer will forward the package with a recommendation to the Garrison Commander for a final decision on your status. The applicant will be mailed a copy of the Garrison Commander's decision. If you make a request on your application, a scanned copy can be emailed to you. It is your responsibility to provide the Physical Security Office with your current address in the application. If the decision is returned to the Physical Security Office due to an incorrect address, no further notice will be sent to you.Should your request be denied, an appeal must state new grounds for reconsideration such as missing information, etc., before it will be accepted.