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Fort Stewart / Hunter Army Airfield Newcomer’s – Inprocessing
Marne Reception Center provides reception for all Soldiers and their family members assigned to Fort Stewart and Hunter Army Airfield. Executes Reception, Staging, Onward movement and Integration (RSOI) thru in-processing and orientation activities in order to sustain 3rd Infantry Division’s combat readiness.

Marne Reception Center (MRC)
Bldg 200
486 Pony Soldier Avenue
Fort Stewart, GA 31314
Staff Duty: (912) 767-0115
Administration Office: (912) 767-0111
After passing through Gate 1, take a right at the first stoplight onto E. Bultman Avenue, take a left onto Pony Soldier Avenue and the MRC will be on your right. Parking is located behind the MRC building.
Upon arrival, please visit the USO office located on level 2 among the ticket counters. The telephone at the USO Military Reception area will connect you directly to the MRC here at FSGA. The USO hours are 0900-2000 daily. After hours, call the MRC Staff Duty at (912) 767-0115 and they will coordinate your transportation from the airport.

  • Soldiers must sign in to the MRC no later than 2359 on the day your leave ends as annotated on DA 31 or the report date annotated on the official military orders brining you to Fort Stewart/HAAF (WHICHEVER IS EARLIER).
  • If you have any issues preventing you from reporting no later than your reporting date (Orders) or when your leave ends (DA 31), you must contact your previous unit S1 or the gaining unit S1 IMMEDIATELY!
  • Documents required:
    • Original copy of your signed DA-31.
    • Four (4) copies of the orders bringing you to FSGA/HAAF, to include all amendments.
    • Military clothing records (CIF and Uniformed).
    • All medical/dental records, to include your profile if applicable.
    • All personal documents to include driver’s license, insurance card, and vehicle registration.
  • Reporting in casual/serviceable Civilian Attire is authorized.
  • Grooming Standards (in civilian attire or military uniform) IAW AR 670-1 at all times.

  • Single Soldiers (E1 to E5) will be assigned an MRC barracks room during initial in-processing.
  • Soldiers receiving BAH will not reside in the barracks unless request is approved by the MRC Commander and will only be in cases of severe extenuating circumstances.
  • Privatized housing is available on post for single and unaccompanied SGTs and above.
  • You are NOT authorized PTDY for house hunting while in-processing at the MRC. PTDY will be granted at your gaining unit after in-processing.
  • On-post housing is available for accompanied married Soldiers with dependents, regardless of grade. To request housing contact the FSGA or HAAF Housing Office and make a reservation for your arrival date to expedite this service. If you are put on a waiting list, you will be required to obtain temporary housing in the meantime.
  • Plan your moving budget to account for move-in expenses such as initial rent, security deposits, and utility connection fees. If you need financial assistance after arriving to the MRC, please notify the MRC Cadre.
  • Leaders in the ranks of SFC(P)-CSM, CW3-CW5, and CPT(P)-COL will be on the VIP In-processing Schedule.
  • Non-VIP Soldiers in-processing at FSGA/HAAF will complete an 8-day in-processing schedule at the MRC, to include finance and education briefs, medical processing, CIF issue, and a welcoming brief from the Senior Officer at FSGA.
  • Physical Training (PT) is conducted daily from 0630 to 0730. If you have a profile, it must be in your possession at all times to include PT formation. You will be issued a yellow PT belt when you sign in at the MRC to wear during your duration at the MRC. Uniform during winter months (from 15 October to 14 April) will consist of the Level V IPFU including IPFU jacket, shorts, pants, long sleeve shirt, socks, shoes, gloves, and cap. Uniform during summer months (15 April to 14 October) will consist of Level I IPFU including short sleeve shirt, shorts, socks and shoes.
  • Leave will only be granted in extreme circumstances to include, but not limited to, emergency leave. Leave requests must be presented to the MRC Commander for approval.
  • Travel for all Soldiers after Day 2 in-processing will not exceed 150 miles. A mileage pass request for distances exceeding 150 miles requires approval by the MRC Commander.
  • Uniform during in-processing is the Class C uniform including ACUs, boots, and patrol cap.
  • Every Wednesday at 1600, the Senior Officer of FSGA/HAAF conducts a Welcome Brief to all new in-processing Soldiers and the Garrison Commander provides a Welcome Brief to the Families of new in-processing Soldiers. Soldiers are highly encouraged to involve their Families! This briefing is a great source of information about FSGA/HAAF.
  • Before leaving their previous duty station, every Soldier should complete DA Form 5434, Sponsorship Program Counseling and Information Sheet. This will ensure that each Soldier is assigned a Sponsor by their gaining unit. Each Fort Stewart unit sponsors conduct a link-up behind the MRC, every Tuesday at 1530 and the last business day of the work week at 1500.
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