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Fort Stewart Support the Soldier - Postal Services

The Installation Postal Officer (IPO) located in the Directorate of Human Resources (DHR) has overall responsibility for Official Mail Operations and for Personal Mail for Soldiers residing in barracks on Fort Stewart and Hunter Army Airfield. The IPO is the liaison between the military bases and the U.S. Postal Service. The IPO manages the processes and personnel responsible for mail delivery to barracks Soldiers, units, and staff offices/directorates. The local U.S. post offices perform mail delivery and pickup within the base housing areas.

Standardized street addressing is used throughout Fort Stewart and Hunter Army Airfield and, use of these addresses is necessary to ensure mail delivery. Many street addresses also use suite numbers to further identify a specific delivery point. If a suite number is omitted from an address, the mail may be undeliverable.

Delivery of Mail to Base Housing Areas A branch of the Hinesville Post Office furnishes postal service for Fort Stewart. All postal services (with the exception of international money order service) are available at this branch, which is located at 843 Hase Road (Bldg 418), next to the Post Exchange Shoppette. International money order service may be obtained at the Hinesville Post Office located at 744 W. Oglethorpe Highway.

Postal services for Hunter Army Airfield are furnished by the Main Savannah Post Office with the branch post office being located at 37 N. Schmidt Street, Suite 102 (Bldg. 1212). All postal services are available at this branch with the exception of general delivery and international money order service. These services may be obtained at one of the Savannah post offices.

The Hinesville and Savannah main post offices provide mail delivery to government family quarters located on the installations Monday through Saturday. The proper city, state and zip codes for the government family quarters are:

  • Fort Stewart, GA 31315
  • Hunter Army Airfield, GA  31405

Important Information for Newly Arriving Soldiers You may have just arrived here, but mail may already be here waiting for you. Please check with the DHR OMDC Personal Mail Section building 418, at 845 Hase Road, Suite 102, to see if they are holding your mail, ID card required. The hours of operation is 08:30-11:30 and 13:00-15:00, Monday through Friday (closed on Federal holidays and some Division-wide training holidays).

We use street addresses on all mail here at Fort Stewart and Hunter AAF. If the mail arrives without a street address, we will return it to sender due to insufficient address. If you want to receive mail, you must use and tell others to use your proper street address to include suite number if necessary.

As soon as you know your exact unit of assignment, you must in-process the mailroom that services your unit. No matter your rank or where you will live, the unit mail clerk needs to know you have been assigned to the unit. If you will be living in the barracks, the unit mail clerk will provide you with your street address. When providing this address to family, friends, correspondents and publishers, give it to them in the following format:

Rank and Name
Unit / Company Name
Street Address & Suite Number 
City, State, and ZIP Code

If you will be living off post or in government quarters, you are authorized to receive personal mail through the unit mailroom, but only for 90 days. After that time, the unit mail clerk will endorse your mail “Soldier not authorized unit mail service” and return it to the sender. Once you have an off post or quarters address established, tell the unit mail clerk so he can forward your mail to the new address. Keep in mind, the mail clerk will only provide this service for 90 days because it is your responsibility to change your address with your correspondents and publishers.

If you have questions about your address or your mail, direct them to the unit mail clerk.

Last modified on: 11/18/2013 1:17:27 PM