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Roles and Responsibilities

The G3 combines offensive, defensive, and stability or civil support operations simultaneously as part of an interdependent joint force to seize, retain, and exploit the initiative, accepting prudent risk to create opportunities to achieve decisive results. They employ synchronized action—lethal and nonlethal—proportional to the mission and informed by a thorough understanding of all variables of the operational environment. Mission command that conveys intent and an appreciation of all aspects of the situation guides the adaptive use of Military forces.

Contact Information

  1. G3 AVN OIC

  2. 435-9695
  3. G3 AVN Deputy

  4. 435-9702

  6. 435-9669
  7. G3 AVN Officer

  8. 435-9700
  9. G3 TACOPS Officer

  10. 435-9704
  11. UAS OPS Officer

  12. 435-9703
  13. ATASM Chief

  14. 435-9699
  15. ATASM Officer

  16. 435-9699
  17. AC2 Cell

  18. 435-9698
  19. AMR Cell

  20. 435-9707
  21. MSE

  22. 435-9557
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