2nd Infantry Brigade Combat Team distinctive unit insignia

2nd Infantry Brigade Combat Team


Spartan Brigade is the premier Light Infantry Brigade within the 3d Infantry Division. We are a flexible, adaptable, disciplined, and dependable results based organization. We remain globally responsive to conduct unified land operations designed to prevent, shape and win. We accomplish this by building resilient Soldiers and cohesive Teams and squads who are led by confident and competent leaders of character.

Contact Information

Area Code: 912
Staff Duty: 767-1180
CDR: 435-8992
CSM: 435-8994
XO: 435-8990
HHC: 435-8851
S1: 435-7960
S2: 435-1224
S3: 435-7613
S4: 435-7916
S6: 435-7546
S7: 435-7857
Chaplain: 435-7956
FRSA: 435-7984
PAO: 435-7574
Legal: 435-7738

Command Team

COL James K. Dooghan
2nd Infantry Brigade Combat Team

CSM Michael J. McMurdy
Command Sergeant Major
2nd Infantry Brigade Combat Team