Division Headquarters and Headquarters Battalion distinctive unit insignia

Division Headquarters and Headquarters Battalion

"Strength Through Unity"

Command Sergeant Major Ross and I would like to take this time to welcome you to Fort Stewart and congratulate you on being assigned to the best battalion in the United States Army! 3rd Infantry Division Headquarters and Headquarters Battalion (DHHB) dates back to 16 June 1944 when it was constituted in Italy as Headquarters, Special Troops, 3rd Infantry Division. Since then the unit has provided operational, intelligence, administrative, and logistical support to the Commanders of the Brigade Combat teams. The Company and Battalion staff elements provide support to the Soldiers of Task Force Legion. You are a part of a strong group of dedicated Soldiers and committed spouses. Our Soldiers are ready to assist you on your arrival in any way they can.

Hinesville and Fort Stewart are located in a pleasant area in the deep south and it is a great place to live and work. Fort Stewart has excellent outdoor resources both on and off post as well as libraries, movies, craft shops, PX, commissary, churches, and a 27-hole golf course on the installation. Hinesville and its surrounding area (to include suburban Savannah) is a progressive community with a beautiful downtown, tourist attractions, plenty of restaurants, and several shopping areas.

I encourage you to check the following website for additional information about our military community and the surrounding area: Community. An additional resource for you is our own Facebook Page which can be found here. I hope these websites will be helpful to you and assist you with your move.

If you should have any questions, please contact our staff duty by phone at 912-767-8224 or the S1 at 912-767-8089. You can also contact our Battalion FRL at 912-767-6809. We are glad you are here as part of our battalion. We trust you and your Family will be welcomed as a member of the Legion team and enjoy your tour of duty here in Fort Stewart. Nous Resterons La!

Contact Information

Area Code: 912
Staff Duty: 767-8224
CDR: 767-0397
CSM: 767-4425
XO: 767-8221
HSC: 767-8363
S1: 767-8220
S2: 767-8744
S3: 767-8219
S4: 767-8746
S6: 767-8226
Chaplain: 767-5509
FRSA: 767-6809
BAND: 767-2207
I&S CO: 767-8208
OPS CO: 767-8211
SIG CO: 767-6831

Command Team

LTC Luke Richards
Division Headquarters and Headquarters Battalion

CSM Courtney M. Ross
Command Sergeant Major
Division Headquarters and Headquarters Battalion