117th Air Control Squadron

"Stealth Control"

15th Air Support Operations Squadron

"Air Over Armor"

179th Military Police Company

"First in Peace and War"

184th Ordnance Battalion (EOD)

"Without Equal"

188th Infantry Brigade

"Ready for Battle"

1st Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment

"Sua Sponte"

224th Military Intelligence Battalion

"Vigilance Above"

2nd Beach & Terminal Ops Company B(-), 4th LSB (USMC Reserves)

"In Omnia Paratus"

2nd Modular Battalion, 122nd Regiment

"Sentinel of Freedom"

385th Military Police Battalion

"Honor, Vigilance, Justice"

3rd Battalion, 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment

"Night Stalkers Don't Quit"

3rd Military Police Group (CID)

"Justice Will Prevail"

63rd Expeditionary Signal Battalion

"From the Beginning"

6th Brigade Reserve Officers' Training Corps

"Leadership Excellence"

82nd Civil Affairs Battalion

"Victory's Forge"

83rd Chemical Battalion

"Confront Any Mission"

902nd Military Intelligence Group, 308th Field Office

"Guardians of America"

904th Contracting Battalion

"Vigilant Prospectors"

92nd Engineer Battalion

"Glory Through Achievement"

AFGE Local 1922

AMCOM Regional Aviation Sustainment Maintenance (RASM) East

"Tradition of Excellence"

American Red Cross

"Together, we can save a life"

Army Field Support Battalion

"Rock Solid"

Dental Health Activity

"Excellence Defined"

Detachment 1, Company B, 1st Battalion, 169th Aviation Regiment, Georgia Army National Guard

"Lifting The Heaviest Things"

Fort Stewart Foundry, U.S. Army INSCOM

"No MI Soldier at Rest"

Georgia Garrison Training Center, Georgia Army National Guard

"Serving the Best by Being the Best"

Logistics Readiness Center

"Sustain, Support, Defend"

Medical Department Activity

"One Team...One Purpose!"

Midcoast Regional Airport

"Georgia's Executive Choice"

Mission & Installation Contracting Command

NCO Academy

"Enter to Learn, Leave to Lead"

Southeast Region & Network Enterprise Center


Special Operations Recruiting Team

"De Oppresso Liber"

TMDE Lab (632nd Maintenance Company)

"Tweak the Rock"

U.S. Coast Guard Air Station Savannah

"Low Country Livesavers"